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Get to know the Iranian hospital better

Iranian Hospital, as a specialized psychiatric hospital, has been working since 2002 with the help of God and under the chairmanship of Dr. Sirus Izadi, benefiting from the capabilities of its specialists and staff, and in line with the macro policies of the University of Iran. Has tried and continues to achieve the criteria of accreditation, and based on this, has put the provisions of accreditation at the forefront of its activities.At present, it can be said that this hospital is the most equipped hospital in Iran among private psychiatric hospitals and has public and private wards for men, women, veterans and a public emergency room. Important units in the field of accreditation include management and leadership, executive management, quality improvement, safety and error management, health education and promotion, service payers, grievance redress, environmental health, nutrition and diet therapy, health information and informatics management and pharmacy And…. Other units that serve in the hospital include: Department of Psychology, Social Welfare, Occupational Therapy and ....In a nutshell, this hospital is currently operating as a first-class psychiatric hospital.